Your Revered Chef will take a break

Your Revered Chef decided to take a break from the daily hassles of life in the gastronomic fast lane. He will be mixing business with pleasure by attending to a seminar on “Advanced Underwater Cardboard Welding” in the Maldives. Unbelievably, this time Your Revered Chef was denied the customary complimentary upgrade to First Class, which put a bit of a blemish on his traveling experience – shame on the airline about that!

Reason behind this outing is the leaky lobster tank in Your Revered Chef’s new restaurant ( which gives the lobsters plenty of chances to escape, meaning that they then have to be plucked laboriously from the decorative flora in the restaurant (an activity highly irritating to patrons and staff alike) before being dispatched appropriately in boiling salt water with a couple of bay leafs for the higher objective of culinary perfection.

But alas, basking in the sun while being served ice-cold Mai Tais by tropical beauties and drafting fancy menus for the upcoming season really takes the chip off the daily hardships of a chef’s life – Your Revered Chef wonders about a potential extension of his stay here …

Always enjoy!

Your Revered Chef

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