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Your Revered Chef’s New Restaurant is Open!

Your Revered Chef has opened a new restauant specialising in fresh seafood, aptly called “Nasty Shrimps“. The tantalizing view on the scenic Antwerp Harbour Bay will surely make you enjoy your seafood dinner accompanied with a glass of wine selected from … Continue reading

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A fantastic addition to Your Revered Chef’s Team: Welcome, Murphy!

Great news: Your Revered Chef has been able to motivate the renowned gastrosoph Murphy O’Reilly, former Dean of the Institute for Culinary Propaganda, to join his team. Alongside Your Revered Chef, he will bring you new revolutionary insights into all … Continue reading

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Shop ’til You Drop! Your Revered Chef’s Online Speciality Shop is Open!

For a long time Your Revered Chef has avoided going down the commercial route, but alas, Your Revered Chef has received so many requests from ardent culinary acolytes that Your Revered Chef has decided to open an online shop to … Continue reading

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Standby for Your Revered Chef’s Newest Book!

Your Revered Chef is most sorrowful for not having posted a new mind-blowing recipe for quite some time, but there’s an easy explanation: Rejoice, because Your Revered Chef is busy editing his newest book “Easy Guide to Culinary Cooking for … Continue reading

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Kimchi and how to get rid of it!

Get a Napa cabbage from your favorite retailer (it doesn’t matter whether it’s fresh this time). Shred cabbage, add salt, chili flakes, minced garlic and ginger as well as some sugar. Toss thoroughly and add some water.  Fill in glass … Continue reading

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Your Revered Chef’s new Book is out!

Your Revered Chef has just published his new book, “The Joys of Culinary Cooking – Hidden Gems next to the Kitchen Sink”. (Braadfätt & McMillan, New York, 2013, ISBN 978-0-86680-192-9) The book was received by the public with unprecedented enthusiasm! … Continue reading

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How to bake a Pizza while on the Road

Get a fresh deep-frozen Pizza at some retailer in your current neighborhood. Return to your hotel room and switch on your room’s trouser press (the Corby 7700 is especially up to the task). Set temperature to 220° C and let pre-heat … Continue reading

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How to Prepare Sautéed Mice à la Henry IV (Henri-Quatre) – Yummie!

Fresh mice are rarely obtainable at your favourite retailer – but alas Your Revered Chef comes to the rescue and wil show you how to prepare a delicious TV dinner. Look at the instructional video below on how to lure … Continue reading

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