Standby for Your Revered Chef’s Newest Book!

Your Revered Chef is most sorrowful for not having posted a new mind-blowing recipe for quite some time, but there’s an easy explanation:

Rejoice, because Your Revered Chef is busy editing his newest book “Easy Guide to Culinary Cooking for the Middle-Aged Inebriated Uncircumcised White Male” which is expected to become another bestseller. Standby for more news!

Now go forth and be merry!

Always Enjoy!

Your Revered Chef

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1 Response to Standby for Your Revered Chef’s Newest Book!

  1. Fred says:

    Dear Revered Chef,

    I’m trembling with excitement – can’t wait to get my hands on your new book, even if – if I modestly may say so – I’m neither inebriated nor uncircumcised. But I will try my best to mimic this rather sad condition when trying your new mind-blowing recipes!


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