Fake Long Pig Lūʻau Style

At times when missionaries of various religious orientations still haunted the South Pacific islands and atolls, it has been said that having a missionary for a Lūʻau as the long pig was a major festivity for the indigenes. There are rumors that Catholic missionaries were far more succulent than Anglicans, but your Revered Chef can‘t vouch for that, at least not from personal experience.

A succulent missionary

Given his fond memories of Tiki parties, Your Revered Chef would like to propose a less cannibalistic version of the classic Long Pig Lūʻau, resorting to the famous Huli Huli style.

Get a gingerbread man at your local sweetmeats trader and some fresh minced meat at your favorite local butcher.

Cover the gingerbread man with the spiced (use allspice, salt & pepper) minced meat, while carefully tracing the original contours. Cover in banana leaves and put in the oven at 180°C for about 45 minutes. Serve hot with peanut sauce.

An ice-cold Mai Tai goes nicely with this!

Always Enjoy!

Your Revered Chef

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  1. Fred M'Bogo says:

    Dear Revered Chef: I still remember that my well-beloved, honored great-grandfather was supposedly one of the last Congolese to have had a bite of a well-done Catholic missionary, though not done Luau-style but cauldron-cooked as has been the traditional preparation in the Congo Kisangani area. What I remember from his narrations is that Catholics were thought to be tasting far better than Orthodox missionaries – maybe their long beards prevented to know the true promise of their culinary qualities.

    Anyway, to celebrate my historic roots, I will definitely try this next weekend and even invite my local parish priest!

    Always Yours!

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