Evil German Ingenuity: Bratskartoffeln with Bratsheringen

Delicious Bratskartoffeln!220px-BratheringOne of the culinary fruits of evil German ingenuity is definitely the popular dish commonly known as “Bratskartoffeln with Bratsheringen” – popular in some remote parts of Germany, that is!

Your Revered Chef will demonstrate how to prepare this dish – do it at home at your own risk, if you dare!

Get some fresh potatoes from your favorite retailer. Next, visit your favorite fishmonger and buy some Bratsheringen (pickled fried herrings).

Peel potatoes, cut into small cubes (for sizing orientation please refer to the illustration above) and fry with chopped onions until golden-brown: Voilà the Bratskartoffeln!

Serve the Bratskartoffeln while still hot with the Bratsheringen!

Lots of Vodka go nicely with this!

Always Enjoy!

Your Revered Chef

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3 Responses to Evil German Ingenuity: Bratskartoffeln with Bratsheringen

  1. Beauregard says:

    Cher Revered Chef,

    malheureusement, je n’aime pas des repas du Boche! C’est abominable!


  2. Fred says:

    Dear Revered Chef,

    thank you so much for this fantastic recipe which evokes fond and sentimental memories – had this delicious dish while on vacation in scenic Castrop-Rauxel in Germany.

    I wonder where I can get the Bratsheringen in Boise, Idaho, though?


  3. Dear Freddie,

    I’m very sorry to hear that you can’t get hold of Bratsheringen at your local fishmonger in Boise, Idaho. But rejoice – Your Revered Chef to the rescue!
    To prepare Bratsheringen yourself, simply get fresh Heringen, flour them lightly and fry for 4 minutes per side, which will result in Bratsheringen. Prepare a mixture of vinegar, water, shallots, pepper corns, juniper berries, bay leaves and salt and heat for 5 minutes. Let cool off and use to marinate the Bratsheringen for at least 3 days.

    Always enjoy!
    Your Revered Chef

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