Eco-Conscious Mock Shark Fin Soup

Travelling the world, Your Revered Chef came upon the beastly practise of preparing shark fin soup – solely for most unchaste reasons!

However, let Your Revered Chef demonstrate that there is a eco-conscious way to prepare this sought-after delicacy.

Get two sheets of corrugated cardboard from your local stationer’s.Corrugated Cardboard Soak in salted water for at least two hours and shred into palm-sized segments. Bring to a boil and add some Thai fish sauce. Lightly simmer for three hours, add some pak choi (connoisseurs additionally might want to add some gelatin for extra texture) and serve in pre-heated soup bowls with a French baguette.

French BaguetteEco-Conscious Mock Sharfin Soup





Your Revered Chef is afraid that there are no drink recommendations with this!

Always Enjoy!

Your Revered Chef

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2 Responses to Eco-Conscious Mock Shark Fin Soup

  1. Beauregard says:

    Cher Chef,

    j’en ai marre! Pourquoi paumer des bonnes baguettes francaises?


  2. Freddie says:

    Dear Revered Chef,

    a most wonderful dish – and so easy to prepare. All my Asian friends were massively impressed when I served this dish! Simply great!


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