Des Rats en Pinard

This is a classic from the days of the German siege of Paris in the 1870s.
Encourage your ferrets to roam your garden and outbuildings to bring back some freshly killed rats ( about 2 per person). Skin and gut the rats. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and fill the abdominal cavity with some fresh sage leaves. Make sure to keep the tails thoroughly scaled and washed.
Fry the rats in butter and add a good measure of French red wine as soon as golden brown. Let simmer at medium temperature.
Heat some oil and deep-fry the tails until crispy. Serve rats and tails on a bed of steamed fennel.
Mashed potatoes and mushy peas should be served as side dishes.
A Beaujolais Nouveau goes nicely with this!
Always enjoy!
Your Revered Chef
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3 Responses to Des Rats en Pinard

  1. Beauregard Finster says:

    Cher Chef,

    simplement abominable – c‘est ne pas une recette Parisienne!


  2. Fred M‘Bogo says:

    Dear Chef,

    I‘m really enticed to try this one – at least we‘we got rats galore. But my wife severely objects to this dish. Apart from that, we are currently not besieged by Germans in scenic Boise, Idaho.


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