Des Crapauds dans le Trou (French Toad in the Hole)

N.B. This special recipe should be reserved for the rare occasion that you have storks as dinner guests.

As a variation on the all-time Yorkshire classic, please find below a frenchified version of „Toad in the Hole“. 

Get some fresh toads (1-2 per person/stork) from your local pet shop. Make sure to get sound advice from the pet shop guy about the poisonousness of the species selected (it might otherwise totally ruin your delectable dinner experience).

Let the toads leisurely soak in lukewarm water (2 cm depths) for about 2 hours.

Find some unenclosed space and start building a hole (one per toad) by arranging puff pastry around it. Once done, bait the holes with some insects (your domestic cockroaches come in handy here) and let the unsuspecting toads enter the holes. Discourage the toads from leaving their holes by putting up miniature traffic lights (available at your local model railway shop, showing RED, of course) in front of them.

Quickly swipe up, place on a baking tray and bake for 20 min in a preheated oven at 180° C.

When done, sprinkle with finely chopped parsley and serve hot.

An apple juice goes nicely with this!

Always enjoy!

Your Revered Chef


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4 Responses to Des Crapauds dans le Trou (French Toad in the Hole)

  1. Chef Chef,

    C‘est odieux – les Français ne mangent jamais des crapauds. On doit y utiliser des cuisses de grenouille.
    Amicalment Beauregard

  2. Dear Beauregard,
    This recipe is sticking as close as possible to the Yorkshire original, but feel free to use frogs instead.

    Your Revered Chef

  3. Fred M'Bogo says:

    Dear Chef,
    I managed to chase a couple of toads in my my backyard sugar cane field – but they are to big to fit in your standard supermarket puff pastry cuts. What to do? Would paring down the toads dramatically alter the characteristics of this dish? Additionally, the toads don‘t seem to mind the traffic lights (and yes, I‘ve set them to RED).

    Kind regards

  4. Dear Freddy,

    first, try to get some smaller specimens – if futile, pare down and stun the toads before placing into the hole.

    Kind regards
    Your Revered Chef

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