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Des Asperges folies à la Milanaise

Your Revered Chef is back from his well-deserved vacation and still reveling in tropical island dreams. But alas, back to culinary heavy labour! For “Des Asperges folies à la Milanaise” get some fresh asparagus from your local greengrocer. Steep in … Continue reading

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Your Revered Chef will take a break

Your Revered Chef decided to take a break from the daily hassles of life in the gastronomic fast lane. He will be mixing business with pleasure by attending to a seminar on “Advanced Underwater Cardboard Welding” in the Maldives. Unbelievably, … Continue reading

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Fake Long Pig Lūʻau Style

At times when missionaries of various religious orientations still haunted the South Pacific islands and atolls, it has been said that having a missionary for a Lūʻau as the long pig was a major festivity for the indigenes. There are … Continue reading

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Des Abats en Chocolate

Your Revered Chef is again in his usual adventurous culinary mood and will present you with a seemingly truly disgusting dish: Des Abats en Chocolate!  But looks can be deceiving … Get some fresh abbatoir refuse from you local slaughterhouse … Continue reading

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Truffled Rollmop prepared Sous Vide

One of the currrent trends of culinary cooking is the slow, low-temperature preparation of dishes in a vacuum known as sous vide. Alas, this mode of cooking calls usually for very high-priced accoutrements. Your Revered Chef will show you how … Continue reading

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Braised Aardvark with Chimichurri Sauce

A recipe inspired by Your Revered Chef’s Patagonian ramblings! Get a fresh aardvark from your local petshop. Clean of clinging clumps of soil (a most pestering characteristic of your standard aardvark), dress, salt and pepper. Add bay leaves, allspice and some … Continue reading

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Black Forest Cake Revisited

It came to Your Revered Chef’s mind that His web site is sadly lacking renowned dessert recipes. Well, Your Revered Chef is all set to make good for that! Let’s tackle first a famous recipe hailing from the dark ravines of the … Continue reading

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Cream of of Mopani Worm Soup

A nice dish still strongly showing its African roots – this one hails from the Mpumalanga province – that can be prepared in a jiffy. Get two cans of Mopani worms in brine at your local ethno food monger (obviously, they … Continue reading

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Eco-Conscious Mock Shark Fin Soup

Travelling the world, Your Revered Chef came upon the beastly practise of preparing shark fin soup – solely for most unchaste reasons! However, let Your Revered Chef demonstrate that there is a eco-conscious way to prepare this sought-after delicacy. Get … Continue reading

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Crispy Nightcrawler-Fritters with Mixed Salat

Sometimes, Your Revered Chef likes to revel in fond childhood memories, when swallowing a live nightcrawler was considered to be a trial of courage. But alas, there is some culinary sense to that! Indeed, well-prepared nightcrawler fritters have a much … Continue reading

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