Bouillabaisse à la mode Mumbai

An indispensable ingredient is fresh flotsam (

Additionally get the following from your trusted local fishmonger:

– 12 fresh sea urchins

– three fresh cod heads and mussels

Quickly sear some mirepoix, tomatoes, garlic and fennel and add the fishy stuff as well as the flotsam with some broth and a dry white rice wine of your choice. Let gently simmer for 60 min.

Season with the hottest Madras curry powder available at your local Punjabi specialities store. Make sure the flotsam taste is completely masked, unless you are fond of  derisive or even caustic remarks by you dinner guests.
Serve with a stale baguette as the suction effect is much more pronounced than with a fresh one.

A buttered tea goes nicely with this!

Always enjoy!

Your Revered Chef



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