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Shop ’til You Drop! Your Revered Chef’s Online Speciality Shop is Open!

For a long time Your Revered Chef has avoided going down the commercial route, but alas, Your Revered Chef has received so many requests from ardent culinary acolytes that Your Revered Chef has decided to open an online shop to … Continue reading

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Canned Ravioli Suprême

This may come as a surprise to most gourmets, but Your Revered Chef has discovered the secret culinary charms of staple canned food – enter Canned Ravioli Suprême. Get a well-stored can of ravioli from your favorite local retailer. While at … Continue reading

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A Delicious Trouvaille from Venezuela: Stuffed Parrot with Cranberry Sauce

While ranging the jungles of the Orinoco delta in search of new culinary visions Your Revered Chef stumbled upon a delicious recipe most popular among the indigenous folks. Get a stuffed parrot from your local taxidermist, preferably a Norwegian Blue, … Continue reading

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Enter new culinary realms: Catapult-served Foie Gras

Most gourmets seem to forget that there are more than the classical three dimensions of sight, smell and taste when it comes to bring out the best in culinary delights. Your Revered Chef will add velocity to the bouquet of … Continue reading

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